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BRASS CABLE GLANDS :We offer a wide range of BW Brass cable glands CW Brass cable glands A2 Brass cable glands from our factory in Jamnagar India.



brass bw cable glands
Brass BW cable glands Features
Most suitable glands for Single Wire Armoured (SWA), Plastic or Rubber (Elastomer) sheathed cables.  Generally used in dry indoor conditions.  Available in two part (without lock ring) and three part (with lock ring) design.  BW glands are also supplied with integral earth facilities. 
Gland sizes
20 mm to 75 mm (S&L).
Also available stainless steel and Aluminium Cable glands
brass bw cable glands
Brass A2 Cable glands Features
Highly suitable for Unarmoured cables. It can also be used on Plastic or Rubber sheathed cables. Used for indoor and outdoor applications.  
Gland sizes
20mm to 90mm (S & L)
brass bw cable glands
Brass CW cable glands Features
E1W Cable glands Most suitable for SWA , Plastic & Rubber sheathed cable.Terminates and secures cable armouring and outer seal grips sheath of cable, thus ensuring mechanical strength and earth continuity.CW Brass glands are also supplied with integral earth facilities.
Gland sizes
20 mm to 75 mm (S&L)
Also available in Aluminum and Stainless Steel ( S.S. )
brass bw cable glands
Brass E1W Cable glands Features
Suitable for SWA, Plastic & Rubber sheathed cables.Provided with inner & outer seals.Used in most climatic conditions. Ensures earth continuity. EIW Brass glands are also supplied with integral earth facilities. EIW Glands are also available in Aluminium. 
Gland sizes
20 mm to 75 mm (S&L)
E1W glands and gland accessories are also available in Aluminium
** Brass Cable Gland kits and cable gland packs also available with Brass Cable glands lock nuts PVC shrouds and Brass earth tags for complete SWA cable termination. LSF Shrouds and LSF (Low Smoke and Fume) cable gland packs available. Special PG glands CXT type glands for braided electrical cables available
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